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Props & Set Design

It's finally here, our next BTS video! In this episode you will follow some of our crew around the stores of Sweden looking for Props & Set Design. Fun Fun Fun!

Christmas Update! 

Christmas is arriving! And now is the perfect time to snuggle up under a blanket by a warm fire and watch the snow fall outside. Spend some time with your family and friends and just enjoy life for a while. But what has TenRed been up to? Check out this Christmas video where we tell you all about it.


How much planning do you have to do before you can actually start shooting a series? 

Well for TenRed it's quite a lot, take a peek at our pre-production work in this new video!

Writers Video

You might not believe this but the TenRed crew has a couple of fabulous writers in the team, here is a video dedicated to them!

Introduction - Shooting begins!

We have started shooting! 

Here you can hear us talk about our upcoming plans going forward, check it out!

First Video!

Short introduction video where you can get a tease on our projects and the crew. Enjoy!

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