Greetings, i’m David born and mostly raised in Gothenburg as i’ve grown up traveling to different countries in Europe and switched schools a lot during my childhood, i’ve grown to learn and adapt quickly to different environments. I speak three languages Swedish, Serbian and English and plan to learn many more languages in my upcoming future. Including German and Japanese. I have a huge passion for movies as I love to read, write and direct and be involved in different projects. I love writing scripts in my freetime for my future upcoming work. 


I’m a script writer for an upcoming webserie called Space for Five, as i’m writing the third episode of the series. I can help with most or quite some things during sets and production of filming, i like to help with audio and lighting including helping the actors to get more into their roles if they don’t understand the concept of the character i or someone created, example explaining their goals, feelings and motives.  

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