A Molkom freelance film company.

Fun and passion, combined in our movies.


Molkom TEAM

We are a group of aspiring filmmakers and actors that are currently studying at Molkoms folkhögskola, we just started this freelance team along with our lastest production, a web-series. We are formed by 10 filmmakers and 5 actors.

We've been making films together for the last year and we are so much looking forward to this year on making even more and better projects, working as a big team and improving ourselves in the professional field and in the personal one.





Will Rosander

Annika Flood

Jack Pensar

Linus Viklander

Viktoria Petterson

Daniel Berglund

Charlotta Lundberg


Daniel Palacios

David Sadholm

Johanna Peterson

Rocky Frideson

Julian Powell

Vincent Rohde

Roos Bik

Johan Andren



At the moment we are working on a 6 episode web series, a comedy sitcom type of series.

A group of young scientists that work for their national space company, they're given by mistake the worlds most important assigment yet, to respond in a five day period of time to an unidentified signal from outer space, in their hands is the fate of a possible new relationship with extraterrestial life. 



How will the worst team in their organisation deal with the most important assignment ever?

Mejerivägen 3, 655 60 Molkom

Tel: +46 733627595


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